The Range St. Louis West utilizes the Ti Gunfighter shooting simulator designed to provide skill development and entertainment for shooters of all ages and skill levels. Combining the use of the state-of-the-art hardware and unbelievable software with full HD capabilities, this system delivers an incredible simulated shooting experience. Shooters can develop their skills using true-to-life replica firearms. The shooting simulator is built to enhance shooting skills offering some of the most unique shooting scenes available. Zombies come to life and infest your town, it’s your job to go in and “take care” of these blood-crazed zombies. Draw your pistol in an old west fast-draw and protect the villagers against the local gang of bad guys. Multiple scenes and outcomes keep shooters on their toes. If you simply want to perfect your sight alignment, sight picture and trigger pull then there are plenty of traditional paper and metal spinning targets available as well.

The system also provides a training lab for Law Enforcement Agencies to provide enhanced training, shoot/don’t shoot, use of force and dozens of varying scenarios.


$15 for 30 minutes / $30 for 1 hour / $1 per canister of CO2.