Pricing & Turnaround

  • Sight Installation: Completion Time 1 to 2 weeks if checked in. (longer if special parts/tools needed)
  • Basic Clean: 2 to 3 weeks
  • General Repairs: 3 to 4 weeks
  • Warranty Returns to Manufacturers: 4 to 6 weeks, depending on Manufacturer

Minimum Charge: Per Firearm $35

Shop Rate: $70 / hour

For all questions/inquiries, please email gunsmithing@therangestl.com

Armorer & Gunsmithing Services

Quick & Common

  • Accessory install $35*
  • Sight Installation (Basic Install only, No Alteration to the Firearm): Starting at $35.00*
  • Strip & Clean (Most Makes and Models): $35.00
  • Trigger Installation (Drop-in units) $50.00
  • General Troubleshooting (Evaluation): $15.00
    We will call with estimate for parts and labor. Fee is waived if repairs are approved.
  • Repairs: $70/ hour billed in 1/2 hour increments

*Free Install with items purchased from The Range

**Replacement Parts are subject to tax.

Prices And Lead Times Are Based On Modern Firearms and Subject to Change Based on the Individual Firearm and Work to be Completed!

The Range reserves the right to return any items without charge  that are not able to be repaired/replaced/completed without requiring an overly excessive amount of time. Due to circumstances beyond our control, we are currently not working through any outside companies other than Original Manufacturers.

GENERAL Services

  • Function check / safety inspection (test fire not included): $35.00
  • Function check / safety inspection and test fire (ammo not included): $45.00
  • Basic Clean (Field strip and clean internal parts with solvent and C.L.P.  internals blown out with compressed air): $35.00
  • Detail Clean Fully disassemble the firearm down to basic components and clean with solvent and C.L.P. $50.00
  • Deep Cleaning Break the firearm down to basic components, soak in sonic cleaner, scrape carbon, clean all parts with solvent and C.L.P. $75.00
  • Sight Install Iron Sights $35 / Dot sights $35 / Magnified Optic $75
  • Trigger Installation $50 Drop-in installation / $100+ Custom tuned installation
  • Test fire (ammo not included): $25.00
  • Test fire and sight in (ammo not included): $45.00
  • AR Style Upper Receiver parts population $75
  • AR Style Lower Receiver parts swap $50+           
    (we do not populate lower receivers)