Carbine I

Carbine I


This course is intended for the individual with a basic understanding of the AR15 platform. This class is designed to set the groundwork for safe handling of a modern sporting rifle while loaded in the slung position. This course will cover the basics from how to properly sling your rifle, carry extra magazines, and shoot a rifle in the standing position and start on the basics of moving and shooting. This is a great opportunity for a beginner to ask questions, get answers, and learn in a non-threatening, and fun and friendly environment.

Topics Covered

• Basic firearm safety
• Features and functions of a carbine rifle
• Options for “Zero” distance
• Different sling methods
• Fundamental skills needed to fire a rifle from the standing position

Course Length

5 Hours

Course Prerequisites

At least ONE of the following:

  • Basic Carbine
  • Instructor Pass
Required Gear

• Eye and Ear Protection (Can be purchased day of class at discount)
• Rifle with a sling
• 3 magazines
• 200 rounds of ammo
• Magazine pouch(es) – Not necessary, but helps
• Closed toed shoes

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