Lady Sentinel

We decided to start this community as we are getting LOTS of ladies that just want to come in and shoot together.  They will often exchange numbers after a basic handgun or CCW class and set up times to come back and continue their training with a new friend. Increasingly, we’ve noticed that many ladies are joining the community of gun owners and are feeling so empowered afterwards that they continue on to do other “scary” things like nail a job interview, learn something new, conquer a public speaking engagement, or even find the inner strength to leave a traumatic relationship or lifestyle.

Our group’s focus will be empowering one another to learn and perfect the skills on the use of firearms, self-defense, and overall self-growth. Every month, we’ll have two scheduled meetings covering a specific topic of interest. One meeting will take place during the weekend or evening, and the same topic will be covered during a meeting on a weekday.  During some meetings, we might go on a field trip to do something fun or learn something; other times we might just go to dinner and get to know each other.  Shooting is always optional. That way, no matter where you are in your journey, there is a place for you here.

We can share stories and support each other in so many ways. This is just the beginning…

Please share with any friends so we can introduce this idea to whoever needs it!
In the meantime, follow us on our Facebook page at facebook.com/RangeSTLWomen

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