Private Security Information

Private Security Basic Information

All officers must complete an Initial Arming class before going armed for St. Louis County Private Security Division. After completion, officers are required to qualify twice per year spread out at 6-month intervals. Example: After receiving your armed license, if your expiration date is December 1st, you are expected to complete your semi-annual qualification in June, and your annual qualification in November to ensure you have both qualifications in before your expiration on December 1.

Signing up for Qualifications and/or class at The Range STL West

In order to qualify or train at The Range STL West, we request prior sign up online, in person or over the phone. This will ensure we have the proper information for everyone and have certificates ready upon completion of qualification. See therangestl.com/privatesecurity for the appropriate sign-up links.

Private Security – Initial Arming – Semi-Auto Pistol

Officers are required to take a 2-day (16-hour) class before obtaining an armed license. This training consists of basic firearm safety, private security rules for handling of firearms, function, care, and cleaning of a semi-automatic pistol, and the fundamentals of marksmanship.

Private Security – Qualification

Officers are required to pass a 50-round qualification where 35/50 rounds must hit within the 7 ring and the head on a standard B27 silhouette target. Qualification is guided and scored by an instructor. If an officer is unable to qualify, private security will be notified, and private training may be scheduled at a discounted rate. The private training may also include a qualification should the instructor deem it appropriate.

Private Security – Modified Initial Arming

If officer has prior FORMAL handgun training documented with an approved agency, the officer may take a shortened version of the class. This is roughly 5 hours, mostly classroom, with a 50-round qualification before certificate is issued. It is up to the discretion of the instructor whether the previous training and safe manipulation with the handgun is proficient.

If officer is an active commissioned officer or retired within past 5 years with an approved Missouri Law Enforcement Agency, the officer may bypass the initial training for just a qualification. Officer must show credentials and must show proficiency with the handgun during qualification. It is up to the discretion of the instructor whether the previous training and proper manipulation with the handgun is proficient.

Private Security Holster Requirements

  • Level 2 retention (ie: molded kydex with retention strap)
  • Belt feeds through holster (cannot take the holster off without undoing belt)
  • Standard or Mid-Ride only (no chest rig or drop leg holsters)
  • Strong side carry (no small of back, appendix, or cross draw)

Private Security Firearm Requirements

  • .38spl, 9mm, or .40 S&W
  • Full size or Compact (barrel length of at least 4”)
  • Striker-Fired or Double Action Only
  • No weapon mounted flashlights, lasers, or optics allowed

Private Security Manufacturer Requirements

Glock Armscor CZ
Smith & Wesson Ruby Steyr
Beretta Canik Taurus
FN FMK Rock Island
Walther Sig Sauer Rossi
EAA/Girsan Springfield Charter Arms
Stoeger Ruger Remington

Private Security Changing Duty Weapons

If an officer would like to change duty weapons in between qualifications, officer must have the firearm approved and qualify with it BEFORE carrying it on duty. Coming in for just a qualification will suffice, no need to take Initial Arming class again.