Mild Drills With Vinnie

Mild Drills With Vinnie


If you have taken a class with Vinnie, you know he likes to spice things up a bit for his shooters. These 2 hours will be spent running drills tailored to the students in class. Drills may consist of fundamentals in marksmanship, efficiency, confidence building, and other drills to help the student to become a better, more efficient shooter. Students must come with knowledge of safety, and skills they have learned in our Defensive Handgun I class (safety, loading, unloading, aiming, etc.)


Periodically, “standards” testing to earn the Mild Drills Patch and/or Rocker will be conducted. Please note that your class may not have this testing.


12rds for Mild Standard

You are allowed one redo per standard.

Starting positions are as follows:  Hands relaxed, at side.

All hits must be in the A zone or head zone of our VTAC target to count.

A time bonus will be added to the following holsters:

  • OWB No Active Retention: no bonus
  • OWB level 2 holster or IWB Concealed: -.10 to overall time
  • OWB Level 3 holster: -.20 to overall time
Mild standard

Stage 1: 3yds

  • From the draw, 3 to the chest 2 to the head / (5rds total) within 2.5 seconds.  Hits must be in ‘A’ zone and head box.

Stage 2: 7yds

  • From the draw, 1rd within 1.25 seconds.  Hits must be in the ‘A’ zone.

Stage 3: 10yds

  • From the draw, 6rds within 3.25 seconds.  Hits must be in the ‘A’ zone.


Mild standard
for just the Patch

Stage (1) must be completed within 4.5 seconds

Stage (2) must be completed within 2.0 seconds

Stage (3) must be completed within 5.5 seconds

Mild Standard
for the Patch and Rocker

Stage (1) must be completed by 2.5 seconds

Stage (2) must be completed by 1.25 seconds

Stage (3) must be completed by 3.25 seconds

Topics Covered
  • Basic firearm safety
  • Drawing from holster
  • Marksmanship
  • Speed/efficiency
  • Building confidence
Course Length

2 Hours

Course Prerequisites

Defensive Handgun 1

Required Gear
  • Eye and Ear Protection (Can be purchased day of class at discount)
  • Handgun
  • Holster (outside waist band, strong side only, good condition, properly fits gun, maintains shape when firearm is removed, ability to re-holster with strong hand only, mounted to a proper belt)
  • 3 magazines with mounted mag pouches
  • 200 rounds of ammo
  • Closed toed shoes

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