Firearms for Home Defense

Firearms for Home Defense


Firearms for Home Defense is intended for the individual with little or no firearms experience. This class is designed to set the groundwork for understanding different types of firearms. In this class you will discuss the pros and cons between handguns, MSR’s (modern sporting rifles), and shotguns for defensive use in your home. This is a great opportunity for a beginner to ask questions, get answers, and learn in a non-threatening, fun, and friendly environment. The successful completion of this class will give you the foundation to choose the best firearm for you and your family to protect you in your home.

Each paid participant will receive free lane and gun rental passes equivalent to the cost of the class. This will give you an opportunity to test different firearms to make the best decision for you and your family.

Topics Covered

• Pros and Cons to each platform
• Help in deciding what is best for your home
• Basic understanding of each type of gun

Course Length

2 Hours

Course Prerequisites


Required Gear


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