Silent Night

Silent Night

This is your chance to try out silencers as well as take advantage of special pricing on NFA related items while learning from our Subject Matter experts.

Atty Chris Cox will kick off the event at 6pm discussing the legalities of NFA items / trusts.   As a lawyer, firearms owner, and Second Amendment advocate himself, Chris is well versed and educated in all aspects of gun ownership including NFA items. 

The Range NFA experts will discuss how suppressors work, how to clean and maintain them, mounting options, etc.   A Q&A session will follow before heading downstairs to shoot some suppressed goodies. (No need to bring anything except your eye & ear protection as we will supply everything else).


While caliber availability may change, we plan to have .22 / 9mm / 45acp / 300 blackout / 5.56 for each person to shoot through our guns WITH suppressors on them. (Each person will receive 2 tickets for pistols, and 2 tickets for rifles. Tickets will be exchanged for loaded magazines).

As an added bonus, we will offer 10% off all NFA related items including silencers, adapters, cleaning kits, and 5% off silencer hosts (guns)!!