defensive handgun i

defensive handgun i


Defensive Handgun 1 is designed for the beginning level shooter that wants to expand on basic skills and fundamentals taught in our basic pistol or CCW classes.

This class is designed for students who are interested in the safe and effective use of a handgun for self-defense. Students will learn new skills while reinforcing prior class lessons which are critical in a defensive situation.

Topics Covered

• Basic firearm safety
• Proper sight alignment
• Grip
• Trigger control
• Stance
• Drawing from outside the waistband holster (see requirements below)

Course Length

5 Hours

Course Prerequisites

At least ONE of the following:

  • CCW
  • Basic Pistol Course
  • Instructor Pass
Required Gear

• Eye and Ear Protection (Can be purchased day of class at discount)
• Handgun
• Holster (outside waist band, strong side only, good condition, properly fits gun, maintains shape when firearm is removed, ability to re-holster with strong hand only, mounted to a proper belt)
• 200-300 rounds of ammo
• Close toed shoes

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