Teachers Trauma Course

Teachers Trauma Course


You must have received an approved email invitation with a code to sign up for this course. Email Training@therangestl.com to sign up or call 636-220-1300.

The Range St. Louis West has teamed up with Tactical Care Concepts (TC2) to donate the facility and education for this extremely valuable, lifesaving event. Owner and Master Instructor Robb Mourton of TC2 is a recently retired Master Sergeant / Combat Medic in the US Army. His unique training platform allows the average non-medical/non-military to respond to trauma events as well as trauma events under hostile conditions.

This will be a 4-hour hands on impact course that is designed to train teachers on how to sustain the lives of students and other faculty in a hostile environment.

The Teachers Trauma class is offered only once per year during the summer. If you wish to get the training at any other time during the year, you can sign up for the Tactical Triage and Treatment class.

Topics Covered
  • Situational Awareness
  • Tactical Triage of Injured
  • Tactical Evaluation of Casualties
  • Tactical Treatment
  • Treat For Shock
  • Evacuation Sustainment Care

Set for 4 hours but we will train until every Teacher is confident and validated.

This is a popular event, and the course will fill up fast, so sign up as soon as possible!

Course Length

4-5 Hours

Course Prerequisites

This class is only available to teachers and will require identification to participate.

Required Gear

Clothes you don’t mind getting dirty/stained

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