Shooting range Membership OFFERS


Enjoy the same benefits as regular members with a few extras for companies, churches and organizations! Contact us to get details on how you can offer the ultimate benefit: The knowledge and training to keep co-workers and loved ones safe!

Check out all the options for your family, friends and you to sharpen your skills and just have fun!

The Range – St. Louis West offers a clean and comfortable destination to shoot by yourself, with an instructor or with friends and family. We have an extensive retail area to ensure you have the firearms and accessories you will need and knowledgeable staff to answer any questions you may have. We value our members by offering free or highly discounted items and training throughout the year. The Range offers training classes and events from beginner to advanced so whatever your need is and whatever your skill level is, we have you covered. Come join us and experience what you have been missing!

Ask a staff member how you can get M.O.R.E.

Walk-In and shoot

with no Membership

Shoot All Day for only $20
Additional Shooters only $7, up to 3 shooters per lane

  Firearm Rentals, try out up to 5 guns for only $10

Transfer Fees- Firearms $50/NFA $100

MONTHly and annual shooting range Memberships

Our new simplified shooting range membership options give you M.O.R.E.

All Members get the same benefits, just pay for who you want included. All of the our membership options afford you the ability to pay on a monthly basis, or save 10% by paying annually.

Members Only Rewards & Extras

shooting range membership shooting range membership Range STLW

shooting range MEMBERSHIP Options

*All membership fees are subject to sales tax and One-Time $100 Activation Fee
**Maximum of 3 shooters per lane. Minors accompanied by parent/guardian may share lane at no additional charge.