Advanced CCW

Advanced CCW


This course is geared toward the individual who is looking for training and guidance on drawing a gun from concealment. This will include different locations and positions to carry your gun on your person, clearing cover garments, and the basics of drawing from a holster. During this course, students can expect to practice drawing their gun from concealment and incorporating dry fire drills to practice the draw all while receiving feedback from the instructor. Instructor will have holsters available for students to try on and practice with during class as well. We will also watch a few defensive gun use encounters and discuss the legal and tactical aspects of them.

**No live fire in this class**

Topics Covered
  • Basic firearm safety
  • Locations of carry
  • Grip
  • Clearing cover garments
  • Stance
  • Video breakdown/situational awareness
  • Dry fire drills
  • Drawing from a holster

Course Length

4 hours

Course Prerequisites


Required Gear
  • Handgun/Holster (nice to have to practice with your own gun, but not necessary)
  • Sturdy belt

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