Trainer time

Trainer Time


Did you just finish your Basic class or a private lesson and need a little extra guidance for comfort? Trainer time is meant for those that would like some additional support while doing their own thing on the range. Shooters are welcome to bring a handgun, rifle or shotgun and will have an instructor present to help with diagnosing problems and becoming a better shooter. “Class” will be kept to 6 shooters, so there will be plenty of individual attention. 2 targets per student will be provided at no additional cost.

Topics Covered

• Grip
• Stance
• Trigger control
• Marksmanship basics
• Firearm manipulation and comfort basics
• Red Dot

Course Length

1 Hour

Course Prerequisites


Required Gear

• Eye and Ear Protection (Can be purchased day of class at discount)
• Firearm
• Ammunition
• Closed toed shoes

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