Shooters Trauma

Shooters Trauma


The Range St. Louis West has teamed up with Tactical Care Concepts (TC2) which is a local LLC providing up to date and cutting edge triage and trauma response training based on current military TCCC (Tactical Combat Casualty Care) guidelines. Owner and Master Instructor Robb Mourton, is a currently serving Master Sergeant / Combat Medic in the Army Reserves.  After his last 1 year deployment on Active Duty, Robb is now a Tier 3 level instructor of the newly updated Military TCCC.  His unique training platform allows the average non-medical/non-military to respond to trauma events as well as trauma events under hostile conditions.   

Those who have a desire to learn life sustaining skills based on battle proven techniques need to attend this course designed by Robb.  

Although TC2 offers courses to Law Enforcement and Military personnel, they have customized these courses to teach to civilians here at The Range St. Louis West. 

 The Shooter Course:

This is an initial 2 hr. course that teaches basic gunshot wound trauma response. Hemorrhage Control is crucial in the first minutes of injury. The students are instructed through hands on techniques on various levels of interventions to include: Bandages, Tourniquets, Clotting Agents and Treating for Shock.