When Can You Use Deadly Force?

R U Ready?  Are you prepared to use deadly force?  Do you know when you can and can’t?  If you haven’t thought about these questions and you own or carry a firearm for self-defense, you need to.  Exercising your right comes with responsibility. There were several changes to Missouri law this past year that made significant changes to the legal use of deadly force.   Chris Cox is a practicing attorney and a Range member.  He wrote a great summary on this topic.  Take time to read through his summary.  You need to be crystal clear on what you can and cannot do.  Thinking through this before you are in the middle of a situation, helps you make better decisions in the moment.   Chris sums up the law in an easy to understand format.  Obviously, we are not offering legal advice and we encourage you to discuss your concerns with your attorney.  When we exercise our rights and act responsibly, all of society benefits and we get to go home to our families.   Are You Ready!